Manages subsidiaries, joint ventures and SPV’s as well as global business units, hands-on in day-to-day operations.


Provides vast experience in international management of the entire value chain  – R&D, production, market introduction, multichannel sales (B2B) and service in High-Tech industries. Leads strategic, cross-functional global project implementations.

Creating power

Implements business processes for start-ups and mature enterprises in endogenous and exogenous growth, competent in M&A integration and divestment projects. Manages strategic, cross-functional global project teams.


Operates the performance management of international organizations and processes from the analysis through the definition and implementation of measures to cash impact.


Governs change by establishing the ties between strategy, operations and finance, involving internal and external stakeholders actively to reach the objectives set.

De facto

  • 14 years CFO in SME and global matrix organizations
  • 8 years long term assignments to Asia, Africa and Australia
  • 6 years project management (large scale infrastructure)
  • 5 years post merger integration management and corporate development
  • 5 years board member of a sales and manufacturing JV in China and in Denmark
  • 4 years product management
  • 4 years budget & controlling
  • 3 years interim management & consulting