Gain Performance

Your objective

Planning and implementation of a restucturing project . Increase and ensure the performance of your company and employees by appropriate management.

The situation

You want to re-occupy a management position in the medium term, but to make changes in the meantime and you want to know the business in experienced hands? For your “lighthouse project” with high-importance or urgency for the company or for a large customer project an executive or a project manager is needed as soon as possible? You question the performance of your organization and are looking for a Performance Manager to identify appropriate areas for action?

My offering: Deliver – Managing Director, Functional Lead or Project Manager ad interim

  • Immediate replacement of key positions
  • Initiation and implementation of customer projects
  • Contract and project management
  • Management of resources from product development through to sales and service
  • Product, system and project business
  • Cash and asset management / project finance
  • Business process management / ERP
  • Performing strategic and business-oriented revisions